Seen but not looked at. Hope and future for women in prostitution!


Welcome to our website!

El Roi wants to be there for people who work in the sex or erotic massage industry in sex clubs, sex shops and via the internet. We may have already met you at your workplace. We see you! You give a lot of yourself to support yourself and perhaps your loved ones. We know that the work can be challenging or complicated at times. That’s why we want to support you. How? You are welcome to contact us with all kinds of questions, such as:

  • Dutch language lessons;
  • English language lessons;
  • Questions about the IND;
  • Help with your administration;
  • Help in finding a suitable education, course or training;
  • Search for another living space;
  • Questions about the belastingdienst or letters that you do not understand;
  • Social work;
  • Legal help;
  • Applying for other work/ job coaching;
  • Pastoral case such as praying for you and/or your family;
  • You are always welcome for a cup of coffee in our cozy walk-in livibng room. Here we like to listen to you and you can be yourself.

Our help is free and discreet, we look forward to seeing you!

We are available daily by mobile & WhatsApp: 06-33149922 and by email:
Our walk-in living room is open every week on Thursday between 11:00 and 17:00.
Kanaalweg 22, Utrecht.

Be welcome!